🇬🇧 Born on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, I grew up between a creative confectionery family business and a construction manager father.

Sweet tastes and textures from all kinds combined with a creative mind who was able to execute spaces, providing efficiency dimensions to his limits. 

Sweet tastes and textures of all kinds, combined with a creative spirit that could execute spaces and push efficiency dimensions to their limits.


Something from all this, brought me to Study Interior Architecture in my nearest favourite city, Barcelona.

The interest for the Furniture Design brought me to Finland, where I experimented one semester long with the Scandinavian Product Design. Fascinated by what the world could give me, I decided to continue exploring.


Since 2008 I have worked in several architecture offices and as a freelancer in Barcelona and Shanghai. After working in some product and interior architecture studios in Spain, destiny took me to China, where I experimented with planning the luxury "in extremis" of what interior design can afford. The focus was on the development of design concepts, detailed design and project-specific FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) in close cooperation with our customers.


In 2014, I ended up in the Black Forest, where I developed myself as an interior architect, both linguistically and professionally. 

Focus: office design, residential and gastronomy design.


In 2018 I have been officially registered as AiP at the Chamber of Architects in Baden-Württemberg.

In 2018 I was officially accepted as AiP in the Chamber of Architects in Baden-Württemberg. Support needed to develop projects with optimal planning and execution quality.


Established in Germany, I continue to contact professionals in the sector from Seville, passing through Madrid and Barcelona. Also in India and Shanghai. The wealth of knowledge is the diversity of the contacts with which we will cultivate the ideas of the future.


I also offer services from Tarragona, and / or the possibility of travel. (On request)


Do not hesitate to contact me if you are looking to develop a space according to your needs, unique, different and optimized.

Eva S. Ventura